Ricardo Salinas’ Grupo Elektra Must Pay $1 Billion in Taxes


According to multiple sources, Grupo Elektra, part of Grupo Salinas, led by its founder, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, must pay around $1 billion in back taxes after a Mexican court announced its decision.

The court rejected an injunction requested by Grupo Elektra against the order to pay the $1 billion that tax authorities say the retailer owes.

In response to this legal decision, Grupo Salinas said in a statement: “We regret the lack of diligence and objectivity of some judges, who, in the face of systematic pressure from the federal government and fear of being considered corrupt, refused to realize the substance of our protection. This, despite the fact that the President Judge of said Court indicated with precision and clarity that the maneuvers of the Tax Administration Service are abusive, coercive, disproportionate and illegal.”

The statement continues: “Now, convinced that they are assisted by ethical and legal reason, and in accordance with our human right of access to prompt, complete and impartial justice, we will appeal to the corresponding higher authorities in search of a resolution that eliminates the abuses such as the double and illegal charges that they seek to impose on us. We trust that, despite external pressures, these higher authorities will decide the right thing with autonomy and independence. And have no doubt: We will continue to use the legal instruments at our disposal to defend our causes, the reputation of our companies and the inclusive prosperity of our collaborators and clients.”

In March, the Mexican government made public the file of Grupo Salinas’ tax debt that would amount to $3 billion.