Plex Amasses Over 1,000 FAST Channels


Plex, now available in over 180 countries, has accumulated 1,112 FAST channels worldwide.

More than 800 of these channels are available to stream in the U.S., with others in markets including Canada, the U.K., Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Germany. Plex’s offering features a range of movies, sports, game shows, news, classic TV shows and more, as well as 76 Spanish-language channels.

“Our aim for Live TV on Plex is to have something for all of our users’ television tastes all over the world,” said Keith Valory, CEO of Plex. “While this ever-growing library of free-to-stream entertainment drives Plex toward this goal of offering any entertainment a consumer may want, we are also diligently focused on providing advertisers with unparalleled reach and the transparency that should come with it.”

Todd Hay, VP of revenue and engagement at Plex, added: “As a tech company at our core, Plex has invested heavily in our advertising platform to ensure advertisers can buy premium inventory with full transparency, viewability and at the highest yield. Our platform optimizes each ad break for impactful reach for advertisers and for the best possible user experience—from real-time loudness leveling of creatives to de-duping and competitive separation within ad breaks. We aim to put advertisers’ messages in front of the right viewers in the best possible light. This makes it a win for all, as it should be.”