ohm:tv, Mobile Streams in Content Agreement

COLOGNE, November 12:
Mobile Streams and ohm:tv have teamed up to deliver a range of new content to
mobile customers in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Denmark, among other
European countries.

Through ohm:tv's
distribution channels, mobile customers will be able to view Mobile Streams'
licensed cartoon animation content, which includes Bunny Kill, a series that follows the adventures of a cute bunny
who is a fighting machine; Mr. Bean,
the cartoon version of the popular British TV program; and Gangsta Hamstah, which features the character G Hamster.

Mobile Streams will supply
videos, ringtones and wallpapers, which will then be distributed to ohm:tv's
operating partners in Belgium, France, Germany, the U.K., Denmark, Sweden,
Holland, Slovenia and Austria.

"With access to these new countries we look forward to
welcoming even more followers of our enjoyable and fun animation content,"
said Simon Buckingham, the CEO of Mobile Streams. "We also look forward to
a long and rewarding partnership with ohm:tv."

Spielthenner, the CEO and co-founder of ohm:tv,
added: "This is a great chance for us to distribute these proven popular
brands to our partners and onto mobile users in new areas of Europe that Mobile
Streams has not yet penetrated."

—By Kristin