New Doctor Who VR Game


The immersive entertainment studio Maze Theory is developing a brand-new, fully interactive VR adventure game for Doctor Who.

Published by PlayStack, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will transport players into a world of aliens, mystery and wonder inspired by the show’s 55-year history and starring the Doctor’s current incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker. Armed with the iconic Sonic Screwdriver, players will solve puzzles, grapple with classic monsters and encounter new horizons in a quest to find the Doctor and defeat a force that threatens to destroy the fabric of reality.

Maze Theory, led by former Activision and PlayStation veterans, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus, HTC Vive and Vive Cosmos in September.

Head of digital entertainment and games for BBC Studios, Bradley Crooks, said: “VR is the perfect home for a truly immersive Doctor Who adventure. Fans and newcomers alike will be able experience the universe of Doctor Who like never before, working with the Doctor and facing enemies new and old. Gaming is a key part of the future of Doctor Who and allows us to tell new and exciting stories beyond the TV screen.”

Maze Theory’s creative director, Marcus Moresby, said: “Maze Theory is committed to redefining storytelling through awesome, innovative and immersive experiences in virtual reality. Doctor Who is an incredibly exciting and timeless franchise with a passionate and committed global fan base. We are looking to give them an entirely new experience; an opportunity to team-up with the Doctor and feel like they are in the show. This of course includes piloting the TARDIS, a dream come true for fans!”

PlayStack’s CEO, Harvey Elliott, added: “Virtual reality is unmatched in its ability to transport people to far flung worlds. PlayStack has always seen this as the central promise of the technology, and for us there’s no better place to take players than the iconic, eccentric, and deeply fascinating world of Doctor Who. We are delighted to be working with Maze Theory and the BBC Studios on this flagship VR project, and can’t wait for fans to experience the game for themselves.”