New Company Gaggl Launches to License Content to Influencers


Gaggl, a new company that licenses and distributes TV shows to content creators for them to watch with their communities on social platforms, has been founded by former Twitch and TV executives.

Gaggl aims to help content owners cater to the Gen Z audience—which has seen a decline in linear TV viewing—by taking TV content to the platforms they use, presented by the social personalities they know and trust.

Gaggl’s technology allows the hosts to combine their commentary with the original footage and allow viewers to play along, transforming the original shows into a full interactive experience via video game functionality.

Fremantle US is the first content owner to use the new service with The Price is Right: The Barker Era. The show has been distributed to Twitch creators Khleo Thomas, Alixxa, PeterPark, AnEternalEnigma and Bridget Case, who can watch and play along with their audiences.

So far, results have seen 4-and-a-half times more engagement versus the creators’ regular content, and long view times of up to 45 minutes per viewer have occurred.

Gaggl will soon launch Family Feud with Richard Korn, its second Fremantle title, and expand to other live social platforms.

“We’re excited to partner with Gaggl to boost interest in our properties, like The Price is Right: The Barker Era,” said Megan Fraher, VP of digital and marketing operations at Fremantle US. “Their innovative approach has enhanced viewing experiences and sparked exceptional engagement. We’re thrilled with these results and eager to see their impact on our other titles.”

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with such a forward thinking content owner as Fremantle,” commented Greg Miall, co-founder of Gaggl. “Gaggl’s The Price is Right: The Barker Era broadcasts have shown strong demand from 16 to 34 year olds for classic TV when rethought and broadcast in new ways.”

Adam Harris, also a co-founder of Gaggl, added, “Gen Z expects their entertainment to be interactive, real-time, collective experiences. The creators they watch represent the values, identity and interests of this demographic. In my time at Twitch, we worked with major brands to help them navigate this changing landscape, and at Gaggl we will now do the same for TV content owners.”