Lionsgate's Revenues Rise 8 Percent

SANTA MONICA, November 11:
Narrowing its net loss to $48.1 million for the second quarter, from last
year's $58 million, Lionsgate posted an 8-percent increase in revenues to
$380.7 million.

The gain was attributed to
growth in the independent studio's revenues from home entertainment and TV
sales from its motion-picture business, partially offset by declines in
theatrical revenues and in television-production revenues due to the timing of
series deliveries.

"We enter the second
half of the year with continued robust top line growth, a narrowing EBITDA
loss, good momentum throughout our core businesses and a strong balance
sheet," said Jon
Feltheimer, the company's co-chairman and CEO. "We are also beginning
to see the kind of performance from many of our recent investments such as
Mandate and Debmar-Mercury that will help elevate us to the next level of
financial results in the future. Given the current environment, we are tasking
our senior managers to be even more disciplined in their operations and even
more innovative in their thinking."

Motion-picture revenues
for the quarter rose 29 percent to $312.2 million, including $34 million in
theatrical revenues (down 25 percent); $178.3 million from home entertainment
(up 32 percent); $61.9 million in TV revenues (up 65 percent); and $28.5
million from international (down 8 percent).

Television production
revenue in the quarter was $68.5 million, a decline of 38 percent.

—By Mansha Daswani