Lifetime Launches VOD Service

NEW YORK, August 21: Lifetime Television is teaming with
cable giant Comcast to launch its first video-on-demand service, delivering
full-length episodes of some of its popular series as well as original
short-form programming not aired on the linear network.

The move follows a recent study that found that 24 percent
of women are watching more VOD than they did six months ago—an average of
28 hours per month.

The service rolls out to approximately 10 million Comcast
Cable subscribers beginning tomorrow (August 22). Lifetime On Demand includes
full-length episodes of new Lifetime productions such as the comedy series Lovespring
and the reality show Cheerleader
. It will also offer other titles
from the network's library, such as Intimate Portrait, What Should You Do? and Speaking of Women's Health. Lifetime On Demand also delivers short-form
programming related to series such as Angela's Eyes, Cheerleader Nation and Lovespring International.