Knowledge Networks Releases Study on Mobile Video Usage

MENLO PARK, July 11: California-based Knowledge Networks has
released a study indicating that 50 percent of those who subscribe to video
cell phone services—and 30 percent of video iPod owners—never use
these devices for viewing video content.

The report, How People Use Mobile Video, also found that 88 percent of people who download
mobile video would watch a commercial in exchange for free content, and that
laptop computers are actually the most commonly used devices among those who
view mobile video.

Knowledge Networks projects that the proportion of video
iPod or video cell-phone owners who actually watch video on either of those
devices to be just 3 percent of the 13-to-54 broadband population. However, the
proportion of laptop video users in the 13-to-54 broadband population is almost
17 percent.

Among those who use laptops for downloading or streaming
video, 23 percent paid for that content.