John Attard, Doc Abbott Launch Showdog Studio


Industry veterans John Attard and David “Doc” Abbott have launched the Tennessee-based multiplatform content company Showdog Studio.

The company has tapped TV and film studio executive Robert Harris as an executive producer. Preproduction is already underway on its first project, the anthology series REVIVE: Portraits of Redemption.

Each chapter of the project will address another stage of life. Showdog Studio has partnered with producer Tom Evans for the property.

“Our lead characters in REVIVE: Portraits of Redemption will all be change agents,” Evans said. “Facing and overcoming adversity, each of these characters is to have impact on the people and community around them as well as their collective futures. Redemption stories are geared to providing hope in even the most challenging of circumstances.”

“Crafting powerful and meaningful stories that focus on true heroes who inspire and uplift audiences is our sole mission,” Abbott noted. “In turn, we look to magnify the hope that resides in all of us.”

On hiring Harris, Attard said, “Doc and I are extremely excited to have Robert join the Showdog Studio team. We want to create stories of hope along the lines of the stories I’ve enjoyed watching over the years—many of which were deftly shepherded by Robert’s steady hand.”

Prior to forming Showdog Studio, Attard was a VFX artist and principal figure in the visual effects community, as well as a developer, supervisor and producer. He has worked with companies such as Warner Bros., Disney, MPC, Mill Film, Avid and Autodesk, and his expertise has benefited various films, including The Avengers, Gladiator and Blackhawk Down.

Abbott’s career has seen him take on roles of director, producer, DP and writer. He has worked on over 100 music videos for labels such as DreamWorks, Sony Entertainment, Capitol, Warner Bros. and Curb. He produced and directed Charlie˘’s War, and has shot over 500 productions.