Jetix France to Rebrand

PARIS/LONDON: Beginning April 1, Jetix France will be rebranded as Disney XD, the country’s first boy-focused offering for the 6-to-14 set.

The move comes following the announcement that The Walt Disney Company is taking 100-percent ownership of Jetix Europe. Disney XD is Disney’s newest brand in the U.S., having taken over the slot occupied by Toon Disney this week. The service delivers live-action and animated programming with a specific focus on boys and their quest for discovery, accomplishment, sports, adventure, music and humor. In France, it will debut on April 1 on TV and online, delivering Disney fare as well as local acquisitions. Other Jetix branded services in the region are expected to follow suit within the year.

The other Disney-branded services available in France are Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel, Disney Channel+1, Disney Cinemagic, Disney Cinemagic+1 and Disney Cinemagic HD.