Video: It’s Fine, I’m Fine’s Stef Smith, Ana Maria Belo & Margaret Pittas

The Australian miniseries It’s Fine, I’m Fine seeks to normalize therapy, as it takes place entirely in a psychologist’s office. The show, produced by Photoplay Films with the support of Screen Australia, takes viewers on an emotional journey as a suburban psychologist helps a wide array of patients—from a narcissistic, faded rock star who doesn’t believe her time has passed to a 30-year-old Polynesian woman who defies cultural expectations and experiences therapy for the first time.


Stef Smith (The Lost Tapes, Joy Boy) created and directed the miniseries, which was written by a diverse group of writers, many of whom star in the series themselves. Ana Maria Belo (Frayed, Unsound) plays the lead role as the psychologist alongside an ensemble cast that includes newcomer Margaret Pittas.

In this video interview for World Screen Weekly, Smith discusses her vision for the series and approaching the topics with care; Belo talks about portraying and writing for her character; and Pittas discusses her first-ever acting role.