FILMPIXS Streaming Platform Launching Globally


HF Productions is set to launch the new short-film and documentary streaming platform FILMPIXS next month.

With a focus on short films and a selection of international feature docs, FILMPIXS will spotlight engaging social impact stories and new voices in filmmaking. The platform will be available worldwide via a monthly/annual subscription model starting February 17.

Highlights on FILMPIXS at launch will include the Czech animated short and Oscar nominee Dcera (Daughter) from Daria Kascheeva; the documentary El Escritor de un País sin Librerías (The Writer from a Country Without Bookstores) by Marc Serena; and Jan Vejnar’s Figurant. Also launching on FILMPIXS is Sin Cielo (For Your Consideration) and Tomek Popakul’s Polish animation short Acid Rain, which follows a young runaway’s journey to self-discovery and premiered at Sundance in 2019.

HF Productions’ Henrik Friis and Benn Wiebe are the curators behind FILMPIXS

Friis and Wiebe said: “Having worked with film festivals and partners in 20+ countries to date, HF Productions’ mission is clear: to support filmmakers and to get their stories seen and heard. FILMPIXS is the continuation of this idea—to provide a platform for short films in particular, which so often get lost after their initial run on the film festival circuit. FILMPIXS will ensure that there is life after the festivals for these true gems. And of course, in the current climate, we’re also keenly aware of the potential to bring these important narratives to a much wider global audience, within their own homes.”