Care Bears Property Expanding Internationally

NEW YORK: American Greetings Properties has plans to bring new Care Bears entertainment to the U.K., Italy, Latin America, the Middle East and Canada.

Cartoon Network in the U.K. and Italy has picked up rights to broadcast the Care Bears’ Adventures in Care-a-lot, which showcases the bears’ newly enhanced belly-badge powers. This comedy series features new characters like Oopsy Bear, as well as long-time favorites like Share Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear and Grumpy Bear.

Disney acquired rights to broadcast Adventures in Care-a-lot in addition to the three new CGI specials in a pan-Latin American deal. Disney had previously aired the Care Bears Oopsy Does It movie, and will now launch the series and new specials on their network.

Prime Pictures in the Middle East has taken on the rights to the Care Bears movie Oopsy Does It, as well as the Adventures in Care-a-lot series and three new CGI specials: Share Bear Shines, The Giving Festival and Care Bears to the Rescue.

“The combination of fun story lines, and important lessons not only make Care Bears a favorite with both parents and children, but transcends language and cultural barriers,” said Carla Silva, the VP of global licensing at American Greetings Properties. “That’s why they’ve been an international favorite for nearly 30 years and we’re thrilled to be bringing more Care Bears entertainment to the U.K., Italy, Latin America and the Middle East.”