Calinos Films Taps Elif Dagdeviren as Managing Partner


Calinos Films, the production company of Calinos Group, has appointed producer, writer, performer and content provider Elif Dagdeviren as managing partner.

In her new role, Dagdeviren will be responsible for the creative process of all productions and the management of international co-production projects signed by Calinos Films.

Throughout her career, she has worked as a columnist, reporter, and interviewer in various principal magazines and newspapers in Turkey and hosted TV programs, moderated and produced several programs on mainstream channels. She became the founding partner and CEO of Netbul, one of Turkey’s first internet portals, in 1998.

After accomplishing Turkey’s first internet content company exit case and selling Netbul, Dagdeviren continued her career with Hermes Films, which she founded in 2005. She produced various TV programs and arthouse and box-office films, including Ice Cream I Scream.

“My biggest dream is to share Anatolia’s 12,000 years of myths, legends and stories with the world through the strongest tool, which is production,” Dagdeviren said. “Calinos Films is almost the only international film company that shared the same vision besides all the networks it has that respect the brand all over the world. So this is like a dream come true that we will be producing awesome stories together for the world to see. That is why I chose Calinos Films as my new visionary family.”

“We will transfer our quarter-century international distribution expertise to production and start to create stories with the IP rights that we already have and the ones we will develop in the future,” noted Firat Gulgen, Calinos Group’s founder and CEO. “The combination of Ms. Dagdeviren’s vision and the stories evolving from Anatolia will lead us to our next 25 years. I would like to welcome Ms. Elif Dagdeviren to Calinos Family and wish her success on the stories we will create together.”