BBC America Takes FID Titles

LONDON/NEW YORK, August 7: BBC America has picked up a raft
of titles from Fremantle International Distribution, including the 90-minute
documentary special Beatles Biggest Secrets,
the psychological thriller A Good Murder and the comedy Hardware.

The package also covers all 48 half-hour episodes of the
British edition of How Clean Is Your House?,
the TV movie The Return with
Julie Walters, and the documentary Benny Hill: World’s Favourite

Lisa Honig, the VP of program distribution for North America
at FID noted, “We are delighted to be working with BBC America to bring these
top quality U.K. shows to a U.S. audience—some for the first time on U.S.
television. BBC America remains an important outlet to find unique and
compelling programming that can’t be found on other U.S. channels.”