Baywatch Gets Remastered in HD


FremantleMedia International is remastering the long-running action drama Baywatch, which will now be available in high definition, upscaled to 16:9 cinematic widescreen.

Originally filmed in 35mm, Baywatch began airing in 1989 and was broadcast in more than 200 different countries. In addition, 350 original songs have been created to score the iconic Baywatch montages. For the first time, the remastered version of Baywatch will also be fully cleared for streaming services.

Bob McCourt, chief operating officer of FremantleMedia International, said: “There are not many parts of the world that are unfamiliar with Baywatch. The series has always been hugely popular and often gained the number one rated slots globally. It has taken 10 months to complete this remastering process and the series looks and sounds better than ever. The characters we all know and love are being revived for a new generation and we’re looking forward to presenting the newly remastered version of this classic drama to buyers globally.”