Baghdad Central’s Waleed Zuaiter Sets Up Production Venture


Actor and Academy Award-nominated producer Waleed Zuaiter has launched FlipNarrative, aiming to tackle diversity in TV and films.

The newly formed TV and film development and production company will put race, gender and equality at the heart of its work, in a bid to challenge the lack of diversity in the global creative industries.

FlipNarrative is already working on a slate of projects, including a fictionalized take on the illicit drug trade in Lebanon titled The Valley, a romantic comedy feature set in Palestine/Israel, an epic female centric family drama feature set in Morocco, and Perception (currently in post-production), a documentary about a world-renowned artist, El Seed, who ventures into the hidden corners outside Cairo and begins painting an ambitious grand mural.

Zuaiter, co-Founder and CEO of FlipNarrative, said: “This new chapter with FlipNarrative is something we have wanted to embark on for a while now. Audiences have shifted to TV in droves, increasing pressure on studios to offer content that reflects the ‘real world’, but despite this, Hollywood and the industry still appears to be averse in making inclusive films and TV shows that are truly reflective of international audiences.”