Saturday, June 25, 2022
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MIPTV Spotlight: Secuoya Content Distribution

CANNES: The top market highlights for Secuoya Content Distribution are TimeBox, a reality show in which messages are placed inside containers and locked away for up to a year; the kids’ talent showcase Selfie Show; and LubDub, a talent competition in which a device hooked up to judges and members of a studio audience measures votes based on emotions.

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Gearing Up for MIPDoc?

CANNES: Are you attending MIPDoc this weekend? Make sure to get your copy of TV Real, visit, access our Twitter feed, and peruse listings of numerous new shows via our Screening Rooms for MIPDoc.

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MIPTV Spotlight: A+E Networks

CANNES: Seven innocent people volunteer to go undercover in a U.S. jail, exposing what life is like behind bars in A+E Networks’s new docuseries 60 Days In, which the company is presenting at MIPTV.

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