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Video Interview with Juan Pablo Escobar

Juan Pablo Escobar, the son of Pablo Escobar, talks to TV Real about the new doc Escobar Exposed, which includes never-before-seen footage of the family as well as commentary from his father’s greatest enemies.

Juan Pablo Escobar grew up in a very opulent home; in his backyard were exotic animals that Pablo Escobar—the most famous drug trafficker in the world—had bought for his private zoo. As a teenager, Juan Pablo had to get accustomed to being surrounded by bodyguards and escaping to safe houses in the middle of gunfights. He also had to cope with losing his father at a young age.

After his father’s death in 1993, Juan Pablo, who changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín, left Colombia to settle in Argentina, along with his sister Manuela Escobar and his mother Maria Victoria Henao. In 2009, Juan Pablo was part of the documentary Sins of My Father (Pecados de mi padre), in which he apologized to his father’s victims and was able to reconcile with some of their children.

This interview, conducted in Spanish, is available with subtitles in English, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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