Octopus’s Garden Book Getting TV Treatment


PARIS: The French animation house SUPERPROD is working on a TV adaptation of the book Octopus’s Garden, based on the song written and sung by Ringo Starr and featured on The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road.

SUPERPROD secured the rights in a deal with Simon & Schuster, Universal Music Publishing and Startling Music. The book Octopus’s Garden features Starr’s lyrics illustrated by Ben Cort, the artist behind Aliens Love Underpants. Superights will represent the international rights for the animated program.

Clément Calvet, the president of SUPERPROD, and Jeremie Fajner, the managing director at SUPERPROD, commented: “We are particularly proud and happy to work on this great book and music. The evergreen song by Ringo Starr and the superb drawings by Ben Cort are a wonderful setting for telling our animated stories. We are thrilled to team up with such great talents and major partners in the music and book publishing industries.”

“We are delighted that all these leading parties have come together to work on such an exciting project. It is a real coup to be working with SUPERPROD and we can’t wait to see their adaptation,” said Alexandra Maramenides at Simon & Schuster Children’s.