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World Screen & TV Latina at the L.A. Screenings

The May (L.A. Screenings) 2016 edition of WORLD SCREEN will be available to program buyers attending the Screenings in Los Angeles, in addition to its worldwide mailing. This edition includes TV LATINATV NIÑOS and TV NOVELAS Y SERIES.

Exclusive Distribution:
• Extensive distribution throughout the InterContinental
• Available to buyers at all the major studios
• Daily distribution to ten hotels in Los Angeles
• Distribution at our suite at the InterContinental

Here are all the FREE value-added benefits you will derive from advertising with us at the L.A. Screenings.

1) We will place your advertisement upfront in WORLD SCREEN or, if you prefer, inside any of our targeted magazines—TV LATINATV NIÑOS and TV NOVELAS Y SERIES. These targeted magazines appear both inside WORLD SCREEN—reaching the global television community—and as separate publications, with their own distribution at the L.A. Screenings and their own mailing to content executives in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia. No other publishing group can give you that level of exposure.

2) Also keep in mind that, besides our targeted distribution in Latin America, your ad in WORLD SCREEN will be sent to our extensive circulation of program buyers worldwide, giving you added exposure in over 120 countries at no additional cost.

3) You will receive a company profile upfront in the magazine featuring program highlights, an image of a show, a quote from an executive at the company and a headshot.

4) The company profile will also be published in WORLD SCREEN NEWSFLASHDIARIO TV LATINATV DRAMA DAILY or TV KIDS DAILY before the market.

5) Our publications will be distributed daily to the top ten hotels where buyers stay in Los Angeles, at our suite, in the lobby and on every floor of the InterContinental. In addition, we will send copies to all the major studios in Los Angeles for display in their screening rooms.

6) Your ad will also appear in the digital edition, reaching 35,000 executives a week before the event.

7) You will also get your complete program listings in a digital edition of TV LISTINGS, which will be available to our online database of 35,000 readers a week before the market. The digital edition of TV LISTINGS averages 15,000 views before the market begins. Don’t miss out on being included in the ultimate resource for program buyers.

8) We will also run your complete program listings, including InterContinental suite number and executives attending, in the WORLD SCREEN APP and in the Spanish-language TV LATINA APP, both available for iOS and Android devices.

9) You will have your own Screening Room for the L.A. Screenings on our video portals WorldScreenings.com and TVLatinaScreenings.tv. These Screening Rooms will be extensively promoted during the weeks prior to the event, and will be kept on our portals for three months.

10) We will place your electronic button advertisement on the home page of any one of our 11 targeted websites, TVEurope.wsTVKids.wsTVFormats.wsTVReal.wsTVAsiaPac.wsTVLatina.wsTVDrama.wsTVMEA.wsTVUSA.wsTVCanada.ws and TVNovelas.ws, for three months.

11) As an advertiser you will get priority treatment for your product news items in our four daily newsletters, ten weekly newsletters and 21 websites.


Space Reservations…..April 26
Ad Materials……………April 28

For more information, please contact Ricardo Guise on (212) 924-7620
or rguise@worldscreen.com