Will Keenan Joins COY Creator


Maker Studios and Endemol Beyond alum Will Keenan has been named chief revenue officer at the new talent-first business accelerator COY Creator.

Keenan will lead COY Creator’s overall business, strategic partnerships and talent relations initiatives. He takes up the position after returning from a sabbatical from the entertainment industry.

“I can’t wait to work side-by-side with Will as we help launch the businesses of some of the top creators and talent in the world,” said Matt Silk, COY Creator’s CEO. “I don’t think we could write a job requirements list as good as his background is for our company. Our mission is to help creators set themselves up for long-term success and now we have the right person to help us accomplish just that.”

Keenan said: “COY Creator is the perfect place at the perfect time for me to make a return to the entertainment industry. For a while now, I’ve been perplexed at why no person, company or startup had established itself to be creator-first, to provide the obvious features and services that talent has been telling me for years they want the most. What Matt and his team have developed at COY Creator is exactly what is missing from this space or as our colleague Drea DeMatteo recently said, ‘COY Creator’s business model is the future of Hollywood.’

“COY Creator is focused exclusively on business-to-business-to-creator rather than the company focusing on building out its own brand. We are truly going to give star talent the power to engage their fans like never before possible.”