Zentropa Sets Up Doc Division


Zentropa has tapped documentary filmmaker and producer Nicole Horanyi to lead its new documentary film venture, Zentropa Documentary.

Horanyi has directed such documentaries and series as Motley’s Law (2015) on DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), A Stranger Moves In (2017) on TV 2 Denmark and Natascha Kampusch—A Lifetime in Prison (2022) on Viaplay. She served as head of documentaries at Viaplay in 2022 and 2023, overseeing the streaming service’s documentary efforts across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and the Netherlands.

Horanyi commented: “I am tremendously happy to step into this exceptional institution. Zentropa possesses a truly unique quality and a very strong brand; therefore, I am convinced that together, we can open doors for the best documentary filmmakers in the industry. We share a vision of creating broad, audience-oriented documentary productions grounded in solid artistic principles. I am passionate about developing modern and complex narratives about reality that set a national agenda and leave a lasting impact on society. I will collaborate with directors who dare to take a stand, push the boundaries of the genre, and tell stories with great originality. Together, we can create documentary formats that appeal to a wide audience and inspire reflection and action.”

Zentropa Documentary will be producing output for cinemas, television networks and streaming platforms worldwide.

Producers Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Louise Vesth, part of Zentropa’s management team, commented: “In today’s world, fostering dialogue, community and understanding is crucial for shaping the world we live in. Documentary filmmaking is one of the strongest tools we have to achieve this. At Zentropa, we aim to develop and produce authentic stories in collaboration with strong artistic talents who aspire to reach broad audiences both nationally and internationally. Already distributing feature films and series worldwide, we also seek to contribute to Denmark’s impressive position in documentary film and series production. Through documentaries, Danish cinema and television engage closely with current political and human agendas. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the realities we portray are as nuanced, credible, and diverse as possible. Recognizing the global demand for compelling documentary content and in alignment with our commitment to expanding our international reach, we are hiring Nicole Horanyi, a seasoned director and producer of numerous documentaries and series. Her ability to identify compelling storytellers and convey narratives to wide audiences aligns perfectly with Zentropa’s profile. Nicole is the ideal person to develop and produce documentaries at Zentropa.”

Susan Wendt, managing director of TrustNordisk, said: “We are excited about Zentropa’s expansion into the documentary genre. This venture enhances our portfolio, especially within documentaries that deliver powerful storytelling to global audiences. We look forward to incorporating this new addition and bringing it to the international market.”