ZEEL, Smithsonian Channel Commission Life of Earth


Talesmith has been commissioned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) and Smithsonian Channel to produce the 4K/UHD feature documentary Life of Earth: From Space and Life of Earth: The Age of Human.

The two-hour documentary examines the planet’s 4.5 billion-year history from the vantage point of space. It marks the first collaboration between Talesmith, ZEEL and Smithsonian Channel. This is the first foray into the blue-chip specialist factual genre for ZEEL.

The project explores three main themes: the origins and evolution of Earth, the life it harbors and the Anthropocene (the modern age). The past is brought to life through the combination of footage and cutting-edge CGI. Life of Earth: From Space is produced by Ruth Roberts and directed by Luke Wiles.

Sunita Uchil, ZEEL’s chief business officer for international production, global syndication and ad sales, said, “ZEEL is proud to be part of this brilliant project, showcasing the history of Earth from the very beginning to present day. This unique view of the Earth is one that needs to be seen—to understand where the planet is going, we need to fully understand the past.”

Martin Williams, executive producer at Talesmith, added: “We’re thrilled to be at the heart of a brand-new partnership with two giants of broadcasting. Innovative science communication and compelling storytelling are in Smithsonian’s DNA. They set the international benchmark for quality factual programming and with Zee’s global pedigree and unbridled ambition, we’ll be able to produce a film of the highest possible quality. And what bigger factual story to tell than that of the life of Earth itself? Exciting times!”

David Royle, the executive VP of programming and production at Smithsonian Channel, commented, “What could possibly be more epic than the story of our world from the Big Bang to the formation of our planet? This is an enormously ambitious co-production that combines talents from three continents. Talesmith creates extraordinarily imaginative television and we are delighted to be teaming with Zee Entertainment.”