ZDF Enterprises Teams with taglicht media for Crime Scene Antiquity


ZDF Enterprises, along with ZDFinfo, is co-producing the new five-part criminal forensic series Crime Scene Antiquity with taglicht media.

The docuseries investigates unsolved crimes of the distant past, dating back hundreds and even thousands of years. It uses a combination of cutting-edge forensic techniques, CGI and experimental archaeology to shed new light on ancient crimes. Crime Scene Antiquity examines high-profile, real-life criminal cases from murders to assassinations, high treason, terrorism and even suspected cannibalism to compelling lesser-known killings.

Investigations in the first episode cover the mysterious mass death of children in ancient Athens, the Great Fire of Rome and the fanatical destruction of temples in ancient Egypt. The second episode looks at the conspiracy against Ramses III, the murder of a Celtic druid and the dark secret of Neolithic family tombs. Further episodes include investigations into a massacre in Sweden, an execution in Eisenberg and the mysterious early death of Tutankhamun as well as the crucifixion of Jesus. The series concludes by delving into a prehistoric murder case and a conspiracy at the Macedonian royal court, as well as an assassination attempt that made world history.

Crime Scene Antiquity was developed in close cooperation with a team of internationally renowned profilers, weapons experts, ballistics specialists, anthropologists, human geneticists and historians.

Ralf Rueckauer, VP of ZDFE.unscripted, said: “The combination of crime and ancient history makes for a fascinating subject. By using top experts, elaborate re-enactments and high-quality computer animations, Crime Scene Antiquity will take viewers back in time and give them incredible insight into some of history’s most notorious cases.”