Video: The Fashion Hero’s Caroline Bernier & Brooke Hogan

NEW YORK: TV Real talks to Caroline Bernier, the president of Beauty World Search and creator/exec producer of The Fashion Hero, and host Brooke Hogan about the motivation behind the show, its positive message and the impact of social media.

Having worked in the fashion industry for 30 years, Caroline Bernier, the president of Beauty World Search, created The Fashion Hero to celebrate diversity and change the perception of beauty. The series, which Bernier executive produces, aims to break down unrealistic and unattainable standards and promote atypical beauty, taking the participants from “rejected to respected” and teaching them to love themselves as they are.

In The Fashion Hero, men and women are invited to create online fashion portfolios in a bid to be on the show, where they compete in various challenges in the hope that one of four designers will select them as the face of their brand for an international marketing campaign.

Hosted by Brooke Hogan, The Fashion Hero is not only a TV show, it’s a global beauty and fashion movement that uses social media to select its participants and generate buzz around the world. Indeed, The Fashion Hero’s Facebook page recently surpassed 550,000 “likes,” and the first season of the series was acquired by cable and satellite channel La Tele Tuya in Venezuela.