Sunny Side of the Doc Spotlight: Terra Mater Factual Studios


LA ROCHELLE: Leading Terra Mater Factual Studios’s Sunny Side of the Doc (SSD) slate is David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, which sees the titular host explore bioluminescence.

The company is also showcasing Brazil: A Natural History, celebrating the natural history of the South American country, and Ostrich: A Life on the Run, which shines a spotlight on the often-overlooked species. “Normally not more than an extra in natural-history films, the world’s biggest bird hits it really big this time,” says Sabine Holzer, Terra Mater’s head of TV, of Ostrich: A Life on the Run. “Our goal is to finalize our editorial discussions with potential partners at SSD to be able to move forward in the course of the summer and start production in autumn.”

Holzer adds: “We’ll bring a mix of natural-history, science and history projects to SSD that require co-production and presale funding, as well as a raft of available fresh docs.”