Sunny Side of the Doc Spotlight: Terra Mater Factual Studios


The latest developments in AI and other technologies that aim to merge man and machine are highlighted in Supersapiens: The Rise of the Mind, which Terra Mater Factual Studios is presenting at Sunny Side of the Doc.

The program raises the question of whether we are witnessing the birth of a new species and leaving Homo sapiens behind through the development of such technologies. Another highlight is Ant Mountain, narrated by David Attenborough. The 4K documentary examines wood ants in the Swiss mountains. There is also the documentary All About the Moon.

Sabine Holzer, the company’s head of TV, says, “Each of these films focuses on either a very current, widely discussed issue; fascinating behavior as it has never been shown before by using completely new camera techniques; or reveals the latest scientific discoveries.”

She adds: “The programs represent Terra Mater Factual Studios’ relentless commitment to continuously produce high-quality documentaries across genres.”