Spotlight: Ruptly Documentary Collection


Ruptly Documentary Collection features Journalism on Trial, which explores an alternative perspective on the U.K. media freedoms in the context of the charges against Julian Assange.

Alongside it is Exporting Homophobia, another human-centric story, this one unpacking Africa’s American evangelical networks and how far their adherents will go to spread their anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric across the globe.

“We are pleased to present our first-ever Ruptly-produced documentary to the market: the award-winning Dyatlov Group’s Journal: The Last Page,” says Olivia Cole, development manager for Ruptly Documentary Collection. The doc revisits the notorious Soviet-era mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident, in which nine student hikers perished under unexplained circumstances in the Ural Mountains.

“Ruptly prides itself on a catalog of documentaries with a uniquely inquisitive approach, providing important insight into less-explored stories and under-represented communities,” Cole says.