Speed Demons Among Multicom’s L.A. Screenings Highlights


Multicom Entertainment Group is presenting the documentary Speed Demons: Killing for Attention to buyers at the L.A. Screenings.

The new documentary, produced by High Speed Films, examines the link between prescription stimulants and school violence. Combining authentic footage, firsthand accounts, expert commentary and never-before-seen FDA reports obtained in a freedom of information lawsuit, Speed Demons: Killing for Attention explores the connection between prescription medications and school shootings.

“Multicom is pleased to add Speed Demons: Killing for Attention to the lineup of quality content our company will be showcasing at L.A. Screenings this year,” said Niloo Badie, the VP of sales at Multicom. “To continue growing our extensive catalog of factual media, we are constantly on the lookout for timely and poignant documentaries. Speed Demons: Killing for Attention tackles two pressing topics at precisely the right moment in our national discourse.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Multicom, a first-rate content distributor, to engage a wider audience and foster an urgently needed conversation about both the prescription drug epidemic and school violence in America,” commented Andrew Thibault, the president of High Speed Films and director of Speed Demons: Killing for Attention. “Many parents don’t realize prescription stimulants given to their kids before sending them off to school have a homicidal warning on the label.”