Sotheby’s Series Spotlights Devonshire Art Collection


LONDON: Sotheby’s new 13-part series Treasures from Chatsworth, distributed by Propagate, explores the works of art in the Devonshire Collection, providing insight into their history and significance from the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, curators, keepers and contemporary artists.

Presented by Huntsman and produced by Chrome Productions, Treasures from Chatsworth will release its first episode, “Lucian Freud’s Woman in a White Shirt,” on November 28 across Sotheby’s digital platforms, its Museum Network and app. The series will roll out over 13 chapters, with the final episode, “Masterworks in Silver,” debuting January 10, 2017.

The Duke of Devonshire said: “This film series provides new insights not just into Chatsworth but collecting art and the extraordinary process of working with contemporary artists—something that not only gives me great pleasure but is of great significance to the present and future of Chatsworth. Chatsworth and Sotheby’s has a history of its own when it comes to art, having hosted Sotheby’s monumental sculpture exhibition Beyond Limits here in the grounds of Chatsworth for over a decade. We’re absolutely thrilled to be collaborating on a further exciting and unexpected way for a house such as Chatsworth to share its art with the public. I enjoyed being involved in the making of this series immensely, and hope you’ll enjoy the results.”

David Goodman, Sotheby’s executive VP of digital development and marketing, commented: “Having launched Sotheby’s Museum Network, Sotheby’s Apple TV channel and our Amazon Fire app this year, it felt a natural progression for our video productions to evolve beyond one-off short films to the series format to engage with the growing global audience who are seeking to experience the world of art and collecting. Beyond our longstanding relationship with the Duke, Chatsworth is the perfect subject for our inaugural series—suitably enthralling and aesthetically stunning.

“Each short episode takes you on a journey where you are led, by the Duke and Duchess themselves as well as family members, artists and art experts, on an intimate journey that explores treasures both little-known and best loved in the collection. But this is by no means a deluxe art historical house tour. The series goes to the heart of patronage and collecting as an art form in itself, and the profound impact it has on the history of art as we know it. Access to extraordinary places and exceptional art, objects, history, expertise and stories is in Sotheby’s DNA, and this series is an extension of this in a form we very much hope you’ll enjoy—the first of many original films that will reveal the wonder of art and collecting.”

Pierre Lagrange, owner of Huntsman, commented: “Treasures from Chatsworth strikes a chord with the heritage that Huntsman represents and I’m delighted to be supporting the series. As custodian of Huntsman and its unique approach to the craft of bespoke clothing since 1849, I appreciate and am full of admiration for the patronage of great artists through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. The creative process between patron and craftsman in our atelier, and the way in which contemporary designs are influenced by those of previous generations of craftsmen resonates with the stories that Sotheby’s has woven through this series of films.”