Soora: Breaking the Silence Selected from MIPDoc International Pitch


The winner of this year’s MIPDoc International Pitch is Soora: Breaking the Silence, about four fearless feminists in Iran.

Presented by Luisa Schwamborn, sales executive at NEW DOCS in Germany, Soora: Breaking the Silence is about a group of women who founded an NGO with a goal to pass a law that makes domestic violence a crime in Iran.

The project beat out Next: Blockchain, a female-produced blockchain documentary told across eight 45-minute episodes; Man vs Time, in which each episode focuses on one time-saving invention and the life-changing impacts of its discovery; History Uncovered, an archive documentary collection that revisits key moments of history from a new perspective; and Alzheimer’s: Tracking the Assassin, a 90-minute documentary that reveals a story of discovery about Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS (and a further ten short-form interactive videos that offer practical advice and avoidance tactics).