Smithsonian Earth to Stream New Culinary Series Bug Bites


Smithsonian Networks is introducing the short-form series Bug Bites, which will stream exclusively in the U.S.

The six-part series explores the practice of cooking and eating insects. All episodes will begin streaming exclusively in the U.S. on Monday, August 27, on Smithsonian Earth and online. The show introduces U.S. viewers to four notable chef’s kitchens to explore traditional methods of preparing high-end insect culinary delights, including grasshoppers and scorpions. Bug Bites is produced by Smithsonian Earth in co-production with Blue Ant Media.

Bug Bites is hosted by Haley Chamberlain Nelson, biologist and self-proclaimed foodie. While insects are eaten by 30 percent of the world’s population, most of North America has not yet embraced the practice.

Bug Bites features David George Gordon, a Seattle-based, award-winning author of 20 cookbooks who is well-known in the insect cooking field; Joseph Yoon, the founder of New York-based catering company Yummy Eats; and Omar Rodriguez, head chef at Jose Andres’ popular D.C. restaurant Oyamel. The series also features Megan Miller, the San Francisco-based co-founder of Bitty Foods and a former editor and writer for Outside Magazine, who puts a tropical spin on macadamia nut cookies made with her company’s signature cricket flour.