Sir David Attenborough to Explore U.K.’s Prehistoric Era


BBC Factual has revealed the new one-hour doc Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster (w.t.), made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and co-produced by PBS and the WNET Group.

The hour-long film for BBC One and iPlayer will see Sir David Attenborough turning his attention to exploring more about the U.K.’s prehistoric era. In it, he unearths the skull of a giant Pliosaur, one of the most ferocious Jurassic predators.

Fossil experts believe this Pliosaur to be an entirely new species and, working at a secret location, are setting out on an expedition to excavate the skull. Attenborough will follow this story, joining a team of top scientists and paleontologists as they unlock clues about this apex predator.

Jack Bootle, head of commissioning for specialist factual at the BBC, said: “David has filmed some of the world’s very best fossil animals, so the fact he’s so interested in this skull makes me unbelievably excited. This film promises to be a thrilling trip through time to a moment when monsters ruled the seas around Britain. I can’t wait for viewers to experience it.”

Mike Gunton, executive producer at BBC Studios Natural History Unit, said: “It’s wonderful to be back on location with David—his eyes absolutely lit up when we told him about this amazing find—he couldn’t wait to join the ‘dig’ and get a first look at the fossil bones for himself.”

Fred Kaufman, executive producer at WNET, said: “Joining David on location is an honor as his insights continue to inform and delight us.”