Shiver Producing New Robson Green Series for ITV


LONDON: Shiver has been commissioned to produce the four-part series Tales from the Coast with Robson Green for ITV.

The series will follow as the actor explores various stretches of coastline in the U.K., from the wild and remote Outer Hebrides and the unspoiled beaches of North Devon to the remote islands of Pembrokeshire and the varied coastal landscape of Essex and Suffolk. The first episode is slated to air on January 31. Each installment will see Robson travel along a different stretch of coast.

The new commission follows on Shiver’s Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green, which ran for three seasons on ITV.

Mark Robinson, executive producer for Shiver, said: “After exploring his home county for ITV over the previous three summers it was time for Robson to have a new adventure. Having grown up near the coast, he has had an affinity with it all his life. In this series he wanted to look deeper into our nation’s love of our diverse coastline—from its sweeping sands and rugged cliffs to beautiful piers and seaside resorts.

“Along the way, he manages to bring together once warring Mods and Rockers, helps save a pensioner who has tumbled down a cliff, takes part in an exhausting mud race, meets the only couple living on a remote island and goes kayaking with his old friend, Jerome Flynn.”