Production Begins on TV One Docuseries Evidence of Innocence


Production has commenced on the new documentary series Evidence of Innocence for TV One, which will explore the stories of individuals who were convicted of crimes they did not commit and their struggles to get their convictions overturned.

The docuseries was created by Rushion McDonald of 3815 Media, who also serves as executive producer. It is hosted by civil rights attorney and President of the National Bar Association, Benjamin Crump, and scheduled to premiere on TV One in 2018. Evidence of Innocence will tell how the wrongly accused maintained their faith while awaiting the opportunity to prove their innocence. The series is being produced for TV One by 3815 Media and Jupiter Entertainment.

“TV One is excited to partner with Rushion McDonald to spotlight the inspirational stories of wrongly accused people who were fortunate to find justice after being wrongly accused and convicted for crimes they did not commit,” said Tia Smith, TV One’s senior director of original programming and production. “These stories of redemption after going through horrific circumstances are certain to encourage viewers to face their own personal challenges with renewed resolve.”

“Attorney Benjamin Crump is on the frontlines of the fight for civil and racial equality in this country,” commented TV One’s president, Brad Siegel. “We are honored to work with him to host the show and utilize his personal experiences to provide context drawn from many years of defending the rights of the black community.”

“As attorney Crump says, all you have to do is sit in the back of a courtroom and you’ll see that justice is not equal in this country,” added McDonald. “However, this show is different from any other true-crime show. Even though these persons received the blunt end of a bad deal, their stories are inspiring.”