Off the Fence to Rep Ryan Reynolds-Led Curb Your Carbon


Off the Fence has secured a distribution deal with Infield Fly Productions for Curb Your Carbon, a humorous documentary narrated by environmental activist and actor Ryan Reynolds.

Curb Your Carbon will unveil ten simple ways to fight climate change, taking viewers around the world to uncover things one can do right now to confront climate change. Commissioned by CBC, the program will premiere on January 14 on the public broadcaster’s science series The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.

In Curb Your Carbon, Reynolds will show how billions of tons of CO2 can be cut with help from various surprising and unexpected contributors around the world. This includes a German racing driver who never hits the gas; a bug exterminator who eats crickets, grasshoppers and scorpions; a group of tree-planting moms in Kenya; a Canadian family of garbage-stealing ninjas; an activist who turns plastic waste into art; competing twins who race from A to B to reduce CO2; and a culinary double-dare involving a New Zealand rugby team and methane-producing sheep.

Reynolds said: “I want my kids to experience some of the things that I got to experience when I was a kid. I was lucky enough to grow up in British Columbia. That’s an environmental playground—mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, skiing, ocean, you name it. So, I want my kids to have as much of that as possible.”

Producer Dugald Maudsley said: “There’s a hunger for stories about our planet. But we’re all exhausted by climate change docs that overwhelm us. So we’re using humor to empower people with a list of things that will have a real impact on climate change. And partnering with Off the Fence, who are here in Canada now, means we can continue to build our relationship and work on new projects together.”

Loren Baxter, head of acquisitions at Off the Fence, added: “We have been working with Dugald and Gillian [Main] from Infield Fly Productions for the past few years and their enthusiasm, creativity and passion for science and our planet couldn’t be more aligned with Off the Fence. Curb Your Carbon was already an incredible project, but with the addition of Ryan Reynolds, we’re confident this will reach a huge audience.”