Off the Fence Acquires Billy and Dom Eat the World


Off the Fence has added Dash Pictures’ Billy and Dom Eat the World, starring The Lord of the Rings’ Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, to its slate.

Boyd and Monaghan embark on a food adventure that takes them to six locations around the world. They will explore each destination and its culinary culture on foot, seeking new flavors and dishes.

Boyd and Monaghan launched a podcast in 2021 called The Friendship Onion, in which they look back on their time working on The Lord of the Rings. Billy and Dom Eat the World reunites them on TV screens for the first time.

Daniel Sharp, founder and executive producer of Dash Pictures, said: “This is the first time in 20 years that Billy and Dom have appeared together on the screen. They were extremely keen to get started on this project with us and working with them both is a real pleasure. They both have a vast knowledge and excitement about food and travel, their energy and enthusiasm is simply infectious!”

Loren Baxter, Off the Fence’s head of acquisitions, said: “Daniel and the team at Dash have already demonstrated with Fantastic Friends that harnessing big-screen talent to a fresh, fun idea is a magical formula. Billy and Dom Eat the World delivers an equally enriching experience. With their seven-meal-a-day habit, who better to conduct a global food tour than two ex-Hobbits?”

Monaghan commented: “In the 20 years I have known Billy, we have been lucky enough to travel extensively. Since The Return of the King, we’ve been looking for something new to do on screen together that people who follow our careers and those that haven’t yet may enjoy. Alongside Daniel Sharp at Dash Pictures and Martin Blencowe we think we have found the perfect group to capture the infectious way we both see the world through food.”

Boyd added: “When Dom and I met in New Zealand whilst making The Lord of The Rings trilogy, we travelled all over that beautiful country, meeting incredible people and seeing a completely different lifestyle from where we grew up. Now to take that passion we have for travel and new experiences into this TV show, like the Hobbits of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, we know how important food is in discovering a new culture and getting to know new people. We will show the less traveled streets, incredible and hidden food and the magical people of our world. It’s definitely time for an adventure.”