New Discovery Doc on Covid-19 & Taiwan


Warner Bros. Discovery, in collaboration with Pau Jar Charity Foundation, is presenting After COVID-19, about how the pandemic urged Taiwan to accelerate its advancements in telemedicine and architecture.

Set to debut on Discovery Channel in Southeast Asia on November 30, After COVID-19 showcases an in-depth perspective of how Taiwan saw the pandemic as a catalyst for change amid the global effects brought about by Covid-19.

Documenting how Taiwan combined its resilience and innovative spirit to embrace new technology, materials, thinking and needs for reform, the special showcases several breakthroughs, offering audiences an insight into how these will benefit present and future lives.

After COVID-19 is produced and developed by Grace Liao in association with Flowing Films for Discovery Channel.

After COVID-19 focuses on the present state of Taiwan, documenting how far the country has developed—from its healthcare to building design, as well as advances in Taiwanese e-commerce and education practices,” said Cindy Ma, head of commercial for Taiwan at Warner Bros. Discovery. “We are pleased to partner with the Par Jar Charity Foundation to highlight the multitude of innovations that Taiwan has brought forth over the past two years in this new one-off special.”

Jin-Xiang Lai, chairman of Pau Jar Charity Foundation, said, “We are truly excited to partner with leading media company Warner Bros. Discovery as we share how the Taiwanese took the opportunity to reshape various aspects of the nation. With hard work, resilience and advanced technologies, they were able to significantly progress their telemedicine, architecture, e-commerce and e-learning capabilities.”