Netflix Orders Natural-History Series Wild Babies


U.K.-based Humble Bee Films has been commissioned by Netflix for the blue-chip natural-history series Wild Babies, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.

The eight-part docuseries reveals the secret lives of baby animals in the wild. Traveling across a total of 16 countries, Wild Babies follows the stories of 17 animal families, including lions, wild dogs, sea otters, orangutans, elephants, grizzly bears, bottlenose dolphins and emperor penguins.

Stephen Dunleavy and Charlotte Crosse are executive producers of Wild Babies, which has Beth Brooks on board as showrunner. The docuseries is slated to launch on Netflix on May 5.

Crosse said: “Wild Babies will resonate with a broad family audience, with heartwarming stories that will feel relatable to viewers around the world. Delivering an ambitious wildlife series during a global pandemic certainly presented new challenges for our team, but what we hadn’t anticipated were the creative opportunities and innovative approaches that also emerged.”