Nat Geo WILD Orders Miniseries on Warring Animals


LONDON: National Geographic WILD has commissioned a new natural-history miniseries about warring animal clans.

Titled Savage Kingdom, the 3×2-hour series is produced by Icon Films and Natural History Film Unit Botswana. Each episode of the 4K production is told from one predator’s point of view, showcasing animals such as leopards, lions, hyenas and wild dogs.

“With Savage Kingdom, we set out to challenge the formulaic methods of natural history TV production by documenting some remarkable moments in animal behavior using a drama documentary narrative,” said Harry Marshall, the creative director of Icon Films. “With Charles Dance’s extraordinary narration, epic 4K visuals and truly compelling storytelling, we think Savage Kingdom is an exciting new take on the natural-history format set amidst the breathtaking environment of Botswana.”