Nadia Nadim Doc for Canal+


Federation Entertainment and Echo Studio have joined forces for NADIA, a new documentary by Anissa Bonnefont that tells the story of Nadia Nadim, a former Afghan refugee who became a star on the Paris Saint-Germain football club.

A Canal+ original, NADIA was selected at Sunny Side as part of the Women in Doc Talent Hub 2021. Filming on the documentary began in June 2020 in France and Denmark and finished with the PSG women’s team’s victory in the French championship on June 4. The documentary will be available this fall.

Christine Cauquelin, Canal+ Group director of documentaries and factual channels, said: “I am delighted to be teaming up once again with director Anissa Bonnefont on her second documentary feature, especially as it follows on from the exceptional Wonder Boy which first premiered on Canal+.”

Bonnefont, director, commented: “With Wonder Boy, I realized that you could make entertaining films that would have a positive impact on people whilst also drawing attention to important social issues. As soon as I met Nadia, I knew it was imperative I tell her story: that of an incredibly positive and joyful personality whose personal journey will bring hope to the youth of today, boys and girls alike. Above all, I wanted to make sure people understood that any of us could potentially become a refugee if things go wrong in our country.”

Myriam Weil, Federation Entertainment’s head of documentaries, said: “When writer Edith Chapin suggested this project, it seemed only natural to pair her up with Anissa Bonnefont who has a unique way of telling intimate stories about deep identity issues with grace and intensity. NADIA is a film that delicately weaves together a very serious subject matter, with a calling that millions dream of, and a beautiful and extraordinary person: Nadia Nadim.”

Jean-François Camilleri, president of Echo Studio, added: “Nadia’s incredible story deserved a beautiful movie, and thanks to Anissa Bonnefont’s talent and sensitivity, we managed to do her story justice. NADIA will inspire audiences worldwide and pave the way for a better tomorrow.”