MIPTV Spotlight: Terra Mater Studios


The miniseries Raptors—A Fistful of Daggers, from Terra Mater Studios, tells the story of how raptors conquered the globe.

The blue-chip three-part Katavi plays out in an African landscape untouched by humans: Katavi National Park in southern Tanzania.

Healthy Cities—More Than Human, available as a 2×50-minute miniseries and a 1×90-minute special, explores how biodiversity, cities’ ecosystems and our own health are affected by today’s trend toward rapid urbanization. The documentary visits cities all over the globe that are not only adapting to modern challenges but taking into account what exactly makes a city livable for all, offering what Sabine Holzer, head of specialist factual, calls “a charming, fresh perspective.”

The company is also highlighting titles such as Wild Cape Town.

“We’d love to talk about co-production possibilities, as we’re bringing many new projects to the market,” adds Holzer.