MIPTV Spotlight: Globalive Media


Globalive Media offers business content featuring leaders and innovators from all corners of the globe.

“With Beyond Innovation, we’re spotlighting people whose work is having a profound impact on the way we live and do business, and we’re uncovering those next big things that are going to revolutionize the world we live in,” says Michael Bancroft, executive producer and co-host of Beyond Innovation.

Globalive Media is selling the second-run rights for the series, which has 26 half-hour episodes in season one. The company is also in the preplanning and production stages for season two. “We believe the series will have great appeal for buyers at MIPTV because it’s truly global in reach, traveling to cities worldwide and speaking to the current climate of the borderless economy in which we all live,” Bancroft says.

He adds, “Globalive Media produces thoughtful television programming about business, technology and innovation from around the world.”