MIPTV Spotlight: Curiosity


There are new offerings from Curiosity in the science and crime genres, including CSI on Trial.

“We’ve all seen the TV shows—how the smallest, most innocuous clues lead investigators to solve puzzling crimes,” says Bakori Davis, global head of partnerships and distribution. “But just how much ‘science’ is in forensic science? It’s time to examine crime scene investigation methods in our series CSI on Trial.”

“Crime is a genre that continues to generate viewership globally in scripted and unscripted formats,” Davis adds.

In the science arena, Lift the Ice follows experts as they investigate mysteries emerging from under layers of thawing ice, while Oddly Satisfying Science sees host Nick Uhas and his guests test visually appealing experiments designed to blow viewers’ minds.

“We want to know: what piques your curiosity?” Davis says.