MIPTV Spotlight: BossaNova Media


BossaNova Media has among its lead offerings Ancient Egypt By Train, produced by Spark Media.

“We have partnered with Channel 4 to co-finance the series, resulting in a unique hybrid show that combines history and travel as professor Alice Roberts uses one of the world’s oldest rail networks to explore one of the world’s most ancient civilizations,” says Tatiana Grinkevich, head of sales.

Castle Secrets tells the stories of 24 of the world’s most famous castles dotted across Europe and Asia. “We are already seeing how appealing the concept is to international buyers,” says Grinkevich.

The Rise and Fall of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, commissioned by Channel 5, focuses on the real story behind the Playboy mansion and the disturbing realities of the lives of the Playboy bunnies.

“History combined with mystery is, without doubt, one of our best-selling genres,” Grinkevich notes.