MIPCOM Spotlight: Off the Fence


Featuring visual techniques and CGI, the Off the Fence highlight The Secrets to Civilisation brings empires and cities of history back to life for viewers.

“What we know about our past is constantly being examined by data and science, and what we find out is that the climate could have played a key role in the creation and extinction of some of these early civilizations,” says Loren Baxter, head of acquisitions at Off the Fence.

Wolverine: One Tough Mother centers on 3-year-old wolverine Freya as she navigates the challenging wilderness between Russia and Finland with her two newborn cubs. Taking viewers into the world of artisans and traditions, the travel series Italy Made with Love showcases glassblowing in Venice and making olive oil in Tuscany.

“Our sales team is ready to present our new slate of over 150 new hours to our clients,” says Baxter.