MIPCOM Spotlight: New Dominion Pictures


CANNES: Through first-person accounts and dramatic re-creations, A Haunting, on offer from New Dominion Pictures, delves into true events that plagued innocent people when spirits invaded their lives.

“By the end of each story, audiences experience a lingering sense that life and death are much stranger than anyone could have possibly imagined,” says Kristen Eppley, the senior VP of international distribution at New Dominion Pictures.

Another top title from the company’s catalog is FantomWorks, set in the largest automotive-restoration shop in America. “It’s the stories behind the restorations that set the show apart from other car shows,” says Eppley. “Real characters and amazing restorations in FantomWorks drive this show.”

The classic crime series The FBI Files is also on offer. “It’s advertiser-friendly, prime-time programming and can play in the daytime,” says Eppley. “We are working with various international partners to bring this series back into production.”