MIPCOM Spotlight: aQieve


With a focus on wellness—a multibillion-dollar industry that is exponentially growing by the day—aQieve developed the 13-episode series LIFE by Laila.

Hosted by Laila White, one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellness gurus, the series travels to each market in Asia, starting with Indonesia, with the objective of encouraging a balanced lifestyle.

“We recognized that there was a gap in TV and online content that encouraged one to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life,” says Elliot Rudge, chief of marketing and brand at aQieve. “We strategized the idea of producing a TV series that offers viewers a unique opportunity to understand culture, forgotten traditions, cuisine and to meet inspiring people with tips on leading a healthy and balanced life.”

He adds, “In the pipeline, aQieve will be producing two more seasons of LIFE by Laila in 2020 and an array of content based on the pillars of balance and wellness.”