Mediacorp & PTS Team for Rail Life Story


Singapore’s Mediacorp and Taiwanese pubcaster Public Television Service (PTS) have jointly commissioned the new railway-themed infotainment series Rail Life Story.

Set to be produced by the Singapore-based August Pictures, the eight-part Rail Life Story will take viewers on train journeys across various parts of the world. Each episode follows a different celebrity guest as they traverse a railway from start to finish.

Filming is to commence in 2024, with the series tentatively set for release in Singapore and Taiwan in February 2025.

Angeline Poh, chief customer and corporate development officer for Mediacorp, said: “This collaboration marks the start of an exciting journey between Mediacorp and PTS, two partners dedicated to telling engaging stories. Mediacorp’s commitment to quality content and strategic partnerships finds expression in this co-commissioned series. With Rail Life Story, we look forward to bringing audiences on an enthralling exploration of diverse cultures, landscape and the human spirit through the lens of iconic railway journeys.”

Pei-Hua Yu, director of the program department for PTS, added: “Taiwan Public Television Service, Mediacorp and our production crews hustled for a year to get this international project ready. Now, we’re finally hitting the road. We’re all about making top-notch shows that vibe with the global audience, and this joint project got us pumped up. In every meeting, it feels like our team’s cameras are itching to catch the most awesome moments and stories. It’s our first time rolling through countries on trains, exploring cultures and real-life situations. Eight countries, eight railways and eight hosts ditching the celebrity glam for a script-free, wild adventure. Let the journey begin!”